How To Prepare Your Property For Renting

Preparing Your Property For Lease Please click on the link for our cleaning checklist:- Cleaning Checklist Here at Vivid Realty, we want to ensure that your investment is in the best possible condition prior to a tenancy commencing, this ensures the standard of the home and when it comes time for your tenant to vacate they are required to leave it in the best possible condition. We have enclosed some handy hints and important legal information for you to assist with preparing your property for lease. These items apply for either properties which are already tenanted, or homes that you are currently moving out of to lease for the first time. Some of these items include pool safety certificates, smoke detectors and safety switches – Fact Sheets Attached. Other items are as follows; · All windows and doors including cupboard doors & drawers open and close easily to prevent damage. · All locks are secure and operate effectively and all window closers lock properly. A key MUST be supplied for each lock. · 2x full sets of keys for all locks are provided to Vivid Realty – One set will be kept in the office and one set will be given to the first named person on the lease – an additional set of keys adequate to get in the front door is also to be supplied for each additional leaseholder. · The property needs to provide adequate security to enable tenants to obtain contents insurance for their personal items and for your building/ contents insurance. · Carpets are professionally steam cleaned. As this is initially done, it is a requirement that tenants do the same on vacating. · Pest Control is current. If the property has had any sort of pet, a spray for fleas and ticks will be required – this will then be a requirement for the tenants should they have pets. A general pest may also be done which can also be requested of tenants when they vacate (but only if done prior to a tenancy). White Ants are a constant problem in Mount Isa and inspections are recommended. Cockroach spraying on an annual basis is also recommended. · Cleaning- The property needs to be detailed to meet the expectations of the entry condition report. (see attached checklist for cleaning requirements) · Operating manuals for sprinkler systems, stoves, air conditioners, pools/spas & location of hot water booster etc. need to be provided to us, this avoids unnecessary callouts fees by tradesman for simple operation problems · Smoke detectors placed in the correct positions and new battery’s need to be in placed in them. (see attached fact sheet & information from Smoke Alarms Australia) · An electrical safety switch is a basic lawful requirement. (see attached fact sheet) · Lights & Power Points – All lights & power points (including phone & TV points) are to be working & globes to be installed in each light · Pool – this needs to be clean and chemically balanced and pool cleaning equipment provided. We recommend that each new tenant receive a demonstration from a pool shop or yourselves so that the pool and filtration equipment is understood and well looked after by the tenant. Current Pool Safety Certificates are a legal requirement · Gas Bottles must be full at the start of the tenancy – Tenants will then pay for any gas refills as required and leave full at the end of the tenancy. However please give us full instructions as to changeover of these. · Specific cleaning instructions for items like solid plate stove elements, ceramic cook top need to be provided to us. · Yard – Gardens and lawns need to be mowed and snipped and weeded & free from rubbish, debris or hazards. Sheds need to be empty of any personal items. Green lawns can be difficult to maintain in our harsh climate especially with many tenants on shift and do not having time to hand water. We strongly recommend an automated sprinkler system or irrigation is installed with tap timers. Other Considerations: · A working telephone line & TV point is installed (tenant pays for regular connection) · Council refuse bins need to be available for tenants use · Notify your mortgage holder and insurance company that your property is to be leased · Arrange Contents Insurance for your property’s fixtures and fittings. Your insurer will advise you regarding this. · Arrange Landlord Protection Insurance. Many insurance companies offer these policies against default tenants. This is also a requirement as you will need to be covered for up to $2,000,000 Public Liability/Indemnity · Don’t forget to redirect your mail and notify Ergon Energy and your telephone provider. (If you have a pool or irrigation that requires electricity, please don’t disconnect until a day before new tenants move in) We are more than happy to spend time with you at the property to advise you of this important preparation. It is important for us to fully understand your property’s features, fixtures & workings so that we can effectively manage it. If we can be of assistance, don’t hesitate to call our Property Management Team – REMEMBER: we are here to help!